Sunday, 12 October 2014

Button Badge

                          How to make a simple button badge!

Hi I haven't been on my blog for some time due
to school so I have a simple little craft tuorial
to do with you.

You will need a big wooden button,brooch back and hot
glue gun. I got my wooden bagde from a carboot.
for 40p.

Make sure your button is the right way up then put a line
of hot glue on the back. It is better to put the glue at the top
not the middle of the button so it sits nicely on your jacket.
Then get your brooch back and press it into the glue to
stick it to the button. Make sure you don't
touch the hot glue for it will hurt.

Wait for a little bit for the glue to dry and there you have
it your very own button badge.Which makes
very good presents.
I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hello it mouse here
I'm going to you my loom bands
the bands in there box
and the things I've made them into like the baby rabbit

This is my loom bands box with my looms
and bands the bands are divided
into the rainbow in the top right hand corner
are my uv coulour chaining bands
there are two looms...

 This is my RAINBOW LOOM
and the instructions.

This is the MEGA TAIL
which is a little rainbow loom
and the instructions.

Now time for my makes...
I have 30 braclets and 45 charms

These are my braclets.
I love them all I can't pick my best ones...

...and these are the charms I picked my best ones.

These are my best ones do you like them
i do!

Thank you for looking
bye bye!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beaded brooch tutorial

How to make a beaded brooch!

Like this one.
After school on Tuesday's I go to Guides and we made
one of these each and I thought it
was a good idea that you might like to know how to make them as well.

All you need is:
*9 safety pins
*some beads

This is my pattern for the beads using squared
paper with the width
and the hieght which is written down for you.

First start by threaing 6 beads using the same colour
onto a safety pin and close it.
Copy the picture so that all of the beads and their colours are on the right safety pin.
and in the right order.

Do two of each as shown. You will have one safty pin
left over thats a good thing.
Sepparate the curvey end of the safety pin
so it looks like this.

Then twist the first beaded pin over the now opened curvey end of the empty safety pin.
Do this to the first 4 pins that you put beads on.
So that it looks like this!
Repeat  the pattern above so that you end up with half a flower shape.
When its finished it shoud look like...

...this.Now all that is left to do is to pin it to a top or
a coat or even on your

This is what it should look like pined to a summer
dress.And there you have it a
home made beaded brooch! Quick and easy.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My Creative Workshop Trip

I went to a workshop at the lizard
and created these little pieces of art work.
I realy enjoyed making these.
This is what I have created from that
trip.A christmas card for
2012's christmas. I think home cards are
better than shop bought.
Thanks for looking at my blog so far.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Little Mouse - Sketchbook

This is my sketchbook!
I have had it for some time and I'm half way through the book.
It's plain on both sides with white stitching around the edges
and I painted the side of the paper as well.
I'm only showing you my favourite pictures and drawings from my sketchbook.

This is the first page of my sketchbook the theme is Shapes
and fancy lines in different colours.
In the left hand corner there is something
that looks like a pig when it's
actually a swirl.
These round pictures are made by using a compuss
and colouring pens.
My favourite is the double red,purple,pink
and yellow flower.

This is my midnight woodland pastel
I have no idea why I drew purple trees
but it looks effective.

I saved the best till last!
This is my most favourite picture in the whole of the book.
It's made by melting crayons [with a match] and
letting the wax drip on the page.

And thats my sketchbook...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My NEW blog.

Welcome to my new blog
The Mouse Cottage Crafts.
  My Mum (Indigo Blue Designs) is helping me to set up my own blog to keep a record of the things I make and as a little crafting diary.
It is going to take some time to have it properly set up but the Easter Holidays gives me a chance to start it.

Back soon.