Monday, 7 April 2014

Little Mouse - Sketchbook

This is my sketchbook!
I have had it for some time and I'm half way through the book.
It's plain on both sides with white stitching around the edges
and I painted the side of the paper as well.
I'm only showing you my favourite pictures and drawings from my sketchbook.

This is the first page of my sketchbook the theme is Shapes
and fancy lines in different colours.
In the left hand corner there is something
that looks like a pig when it's
actually a swirl.
These round pictures are made by using a compuss
and colouring pens.
My favourite is the double red,purple,pink
and yellow flower.

This is my midnight woodland pastel
I have no idea why I drew purple trees
but it looks effective.

I saved the best till last!
This is my most favourite picture in the whole of the book.
It's made by melting crayons [with a match] and
letting the wax drip on the page.

And thats my sketchbook...


sweetypie said...

hiya mousie and welcome to blogland, my little girl goes to secondary school in September too, and she likes art and sewing too, I will show her your blog,

Indigo Blue said...

Hi little mouse,
You have always loved this sketchbook. Some lovely work here.