Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hello it mouse here
I'm going to you my loom bands
the bands in there box
and the things I've made them into like the baby rabbit

This is my loom bands box with my looms
and bands the bands are divided
into the rainbow in the top right hand corner
are my uv coulour chaining bands
there are two looms...

 This is my RAINBOW LOOM
and the instructions.

This is the MEGA TAIL
which is a little rainbow loom
and the instructions.

Now time for my makes...
I have 30 braclets and 45 charms

These are my braclets.
I love them all I can't pick my best ones...

...and these are the charms I picked my best ones.

These are my best ones do you like them
i do!

Thank you for looking
bye bye!