Sunday, 12 October 2014

Button Badge

                          How to make a simple button badge!

Hi I haven't been on my blog for some time due
to school so I have a simple little craft tuorial
to do with you.

You will need a big wooden button,brooch back and hot
glue gun. I got my wooden bagde from a carboot.
for 40p.

Make sure your button is the right way up then put a line
of hot glue on the back. It is better to put the glue at the top
not the middle of the button so it sits nicely on your jacket.
Then get your brooch back and press it into the glue to
stick it to the button. Make sure you don't
touch the hot glue for it will hurt.

Wait for a little bit for the glue to dry and there you have
it your very own button badge.Which makes
very good presents.
I hope you like it.