Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beaded brooch tutorial

How to make a beaded brooch!

Like this one.
After school on Tuesday's I go to Guides and we made
one of these each and I thought it
was a good idea that you might like to know how to make them as well.

All you need is:
*9 safety pins
*some beads

This is my pattern for the beads using squared
paper with the width
and the hieght which is written down for you.

First start by threaing 6 beads using the same colour
onto a safety pin and close it.
Copy the picture so that all of the beads and their colours are on the right safety pin.
and in the right order.

Do two of each as shown. You will have one safty pin
left over thats a good thing.
Sepparate the curvey end of the safety pin
so it looks like this.

Then twist the first beaded pin over the now opened curvey end of the empty safety pin.
Do this to the first 4 pins that you put beads on.
So that it looks like this!
Repeat  the pattern above so that you end up with half a flower shape.
When its finished it shoud look like...

...this.Now all that is left to do is to pin it to a top or
a coat or even on your

This is what it should look like pined to a summer
dress.And there you have it a
home made beaded brooch! Quick and easy.


Indigo Blue said...

YOu showed me how to make one of these brooches and it turned out really well! I shall post about it later this week.
well done on your first tutorial.

WendyCarole said...

A great brooch and very clear instructions :)